Restaurant Marketing Case Study

Strategies for a local American Pizza & Burger concept restaurant

In this day and age where you notice almost all businesses taking advantage of the technology and the possibility of being present everywhere online. Traditional marketing, such as magazines, newspapers, or the old yellow book sitting in your great grandma's kitchen drawer somewhere is not considered outdated. An avenue such as 'social media' is considered one of the platforms that you can use to launch your business online and reach more potential customers and dining guests without having to move an inch from your seat. We have seen many phases of digital marketing evolving throughout the years. Starting with Email marketing of mass promotions to online discounting and offers, both encourage customers to connect with your business or brand and therefore gain more loyalty.


Our Client:

Since 1996, a local American Pizza & Burger restaurant in the outskirts of Illinois prides itself on quality dishes made with the freshest herb ingredients. For over 13+ years, their customers enjoyed the dining experience in a casually elegant, yet family-friendly in a very inviting ambiance for both corporate or pleasure. The steakhouse operates in multiple locations.


Initial Concern:

The client brought to our attention that many of their clients were walk-ins who had no idea that the restaurant even existed until they asked: word-of-mouth marketing. Some of the underlying issues were that the restaurant:

  • Was not engaged with an effective online system, did not have an online presence until you googled  its name specifically.

  • Did not have an online reputation built up where you can see the reviews anywhere.

  • Did not have a working online ordering system, they were not driving any online sales.

  • The client currently used traditional and classical strategies of marketing which were not producing any additional results and the sales numbers were dropping. The market was already oversaturated with other brand branded restaurants that took advantage of this matter.



A powerful plan was set by EAmerge Digital to transform the restaurant by sales driven and growth strategies through digital engagement.

  • Streamlining the user interface so the customers are able to order the restaurant food online.

  • We created our own Online ordering platforms so that the restaurant operations can reduce paying a hefty portion of the restaurant overheads to 3rd party online ordering platform companies.

  • Implement best practice SEO methods to make sure Google finds their website properly, driving customers to their website organically.

  • A new loyalty system for their customers to gain rewards and points each time they visit.

  • Create an automatic lead capturing system to provide a better way to gather their information as customers are simply browsing the website.


We built and launched a powerful website and marketing plan consisting of:

  • 52-weel marketing calendar to launch campaigns consecutively

  • An interactive Gallery showing all restaurant menu, media, video, and food photography, and special events.

  • A contact form linked to an email collection service and periodic Autoresponder system with a custom landing page that blasts emails out for birthday, anniversary, or special occasions.

  • A business email address that enacted as the controller for the email marketing system.

  • A survey system which appears onto a customer's mobile device minutes after they make their first order enticing them to leave feedback. 
  • A traditional and interactive Facebook marketing plan created specifically to drive organic traffic and create an online presence in the local and regional community to let people know how deep and rich the restaurant history is.

  • A local Buzz by inviting local influencers so they would blog massive amounts of content on their websites and blog sites in lieu of a viral restaurant effect.

  • Optimization of the content on the website so that it appears higher in search results, Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

  • Responsive website design which showcases the mobile version of the site so that it could appear seamless and extremely easy to view over any pc device, tablet, or smartphone. 



In 45 days, with just following the specific strategies all managed and executed by EAmerge Digital, these were the results.

  • With the new survey system, it helps us engage with the customer immediately, and grow from the feedback helping us shift the business to today's guest needs.

  • Facebook & Instagram marketing allowed the local community to post their own pictures of their food

  • Daily Engagement with comments  

  • Helped compete with bigger chains.

  • Influencer marketing was useful to the point that over a dozen PR agencies and Newspapers wrote about a possible new Grand Opening as it created a large buzz in the community letting locals know about a restaurant that has been there for over a decade.

  • Increased sales over 15% in the first month, 40% over the next 6 months.






San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA

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