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Using Facebook as a Digital Marketing Tool for Business

Use of social media is increasing day by day for entertainment, networking and commerce. Facebook is majority stakeholder of the social media industry with over 2.2 Billion active users, many small businesses and trader are using Facebook as a platform to reach their targeted customers. Like some businesses are using Facebook pages to share relevant content while others are making groups for people of similar interest. Business-related pages frequently post attractive content about their business and brand to engage more customers as compared to their competitors. With the majority of competitors using the same social media techniques, a brand should post qualitatively better content to retain organic customers.

Facebook, digital marketing tool

Involve customer in Content Creation

Post authenticity plays the main role in customer engagement. The authenticity of the content will be improved, especially when it is generated on behalf or by customer or user. One more reason for authenticity is that most of Facebook user use it as entertainment and normally ignore the content created for marketing purpose. Customer generated content is widely shared among users.


Facebook users scroll down the page quickly and only pay attention to the posts of their interest, when a customer show interest in one of your post, then make sure that they also get your other posts in their feed. By repeatedly viewing your content, customers can reduce their hesitation, gain their recommendation and proceed to make a purchase decision. When a customer made his/her first purchase, start remarketing your other products or services.

Shareable content

quality and attractive content will get more viewers, comments and shares. Companies continuously strive to generate content which receives high shares and goes viral. For that, you need to make your content as shareable as possible to increase the chance of going viral and shared in the majority of the audience. secondly encouraging people to share your social media content also benefit companies.

Native contents

Uploading original videos directly to Facebook increase views and engagement because it plays automatically in the news feeds. If you add video links to other websites, the result will be not much effective. If you have a collection of photos, then make a video of them or make a gallery on Your Facebook pages, it will increase the engagement rate. Also, create a video gallery of monthly or quarterly videos, sometimes Facebook shows it in the followers' recommendation to boost your page, it increases viewer engagement and organic user reach.

Going live on Facebook

If you are worrying about organic followers or high customer/audience reach, then prepare a live session on Facebook. going live require fewer resources. Going live helps to reach more viewers than organic followers. To increase engagement during the live session, host a question-answer session, or plan interview for your upcoming session. Launching or introducing a product with detail description while streaming an event or a Show may also increase engagement. If the viewers are high in numbers make a discount offer to boost sales, and post an expiration date to your offer.

Be simpler while going live because complexity will irritate viewers and they will leave: i.e. be state forward and simple. Use authentic images that attract viewers at first site. Use language that audience understand easily. At the end summarize your session.

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