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Top Marketing Trends 2019 For Holidays

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

The most powerful way to increase your business sales is marketing. There are many marketing tools and tactics that can be applied to increase your customer base and profitability as well. Marketing practices are evolving with time and to capture the target audience or target market, companies are required to adopt new practices with time. For online and retails stores holidays were the best time of the year to market their products and services. there are multiple holidays throughout the year which includes Public Holidays, National Holidays, Religious Holidays, and social Holidays. These holidays were assigned for the celebration of different events such as Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. On these events customers want to purchase multiple products therefore it is considered as the best time for the promotion and advertisement of your brand. Following are the Important holiday marketing trends.

Create content more often

Powerful content is considered as the most effective tool to improve the SEO or website ranking. By increasing the frequency of content posting on your website, you can approach maximum audience. As in holiday’s people are free and they spend most of their time on internet reading and surfing different kind of content. It is recommended to post attractive and engaging content on your website on daily basis in order to reach potential customers. The relevant and persuasive content will result in high customer engagement and also helps in increasing sales. If you double or triples the frequency of content posting during holidays will greatly impact the profitability of your business by allowing you to reach and capture potential customers.

Offer reasonable discounts

Majority of E-Commerce websites and online stores launch multiple discount offers and Special Sales Packages during holidays. As in holidays customers are supposed to purchase a lot of stuff therefore facilitating customers with high discount rates will encourage customers to spend more money and buy expensive stuff by availing the discounted rates. Also most of the customers made price comparison of different website. So it’s important to be aware of your competitor’s rates. Also by offering multiple coupons codes and promo codes will help in attracting customers towards your online website.

Create engaging videos

Creative video content is more effective in engaging customers. By developing inspiring and impressive videos about your products and services will encourages the viewer to share these videos with their social circle. This will increase the reach of your content to potential customers. Creating a viral video in holidays season will definitely land you with thousands of potential customers. This will not only boost your sales but also develops a loyal and strong relation with your customers.

As videos are more personable. You can deliver information using humor and fun. In this way video can be shared widely. In videos You can also add demonstration and illustration of your products using a step by step approach in a creative and innovative way. As information based value added video content is shared widely among users and it will also help you build a strong brand reputation and brand name in the market.


Holidays season is also considered as the high sales season for business. By carefully implementing marketing strategies in an effective and efficient manner will boost your sales and profitability. Also holidays season will help you in making loyal and strong relation with your clients that will reward you throughout the years. You can use combination of these three strategies or also incorporate other marketing tactics that suits your business and market niche.

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