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Top 6 Benefits of using Instagram for Real Estate Marketing

Instagram is the second most widely used platform for digital marketing after Facebook. It is used for sharing visual images and short videos. Customers engagement rate of Instagram posts is higher than that of Facebook. Real estate is all about beautiful images of properties. Therefore, Instagram is considered one of the best platforms to promote your real estate business. Following are some useful aspects of using Instagram for real estate marketing.

instagram for digital marketing

1. Build Brand Awareness

Instagram is an effective tool to develop your brand awareness. You can share images of your business and services. customers may develop a perception about your brand based on your Instagram profile. Frequently posting quality content and client testimonials will help you generate a positive brand image. A strong brand image and positive reputation will help you build trust. As trust is the most important factors when someone plans to purchase a property.

2. Convey Your Message

Instagram provides an opportunity to convey your brand message in front of a large audience. On Instagram, you can spread the message formally or informally based on how your customers want. You can post beautiful images for houses, luxury apartments, attractive landscapes etc. to grab the attention of potential clients. You can also add client testimonials in your Instagram stories. Follow Instagram trends and using hashtags will help you to reach new market segments.

3. Attract Organic Traffic

Quality content and attractive posts will help you to drive organic traffic to your Instagram page. You can add your website link in Instagram bio. So that potential customers can reach your online website. Using hashtags, you can preciously target your market segments and a particular niche market. You can showcase your portfolio on the Instagram page to build strong brand images.

4. High Customer Engagement

It is generally a wrong perception that Facebook engages more clients than any other social media platform. In terms of customer engagement, Instagram is at the top of the list. Instagram users are most likely to make a purchase decision based on the Instagram post. Aesthetically pleasing content and quality info-graphics are most likely to convert users into leads. As Instagram only allows to add one link in your bio but you can change your link frequently. You can share links to your video content or blogs to provide customers with access to your content.

5. Smaller Competition

Competition on Instagram is comparatively lower as compared to other social media platforms. Realtors or real estate agents can easily approach their potential clients. Realtors can get benefit from the lower competition by delivering quality content. You can add beautiful and attractive images of real estate properties, happy customers, alluring and prepossessing views on your Instagram page to make it look like compelling in order to seek customer attention.

6. Instant Analytics

Instagram provides you with complete analytics of boosted post. These analytics will help you measure and analyze your performance. Using analytics, you can also evaluate what type of content is best for high customer engagements. In this way, you can effectively plan for your content marketing strategy on Instagram.

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