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Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Lead generation is Important for the success and prosperity of any businesses. Marketers are focusing on developing and implementing lead generation strategies in a proper manner in order to get the maximum output from their lead generation activities. Most of the leads you generate does not reward you with high sales. There is an 80/20 rule. 80% of your sales come from 20% leads. So it is important to get that 20 % of customers with high sales. Your lead generation strategy must include how to capture those bigger leads and also how to retain your bigger clients.

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1. Competition Analysis

It is compulsory for new startups and small business to conduct an in-depth competitor analysis. For your business success, you must know what is your competitors' next move? What privileges do they provide to their customers? What are their core competencies? And what are they planning? By keeping in mind your competitor strengths and weaknesses you can formulate an effective lead generation strategy.

2. Develop an effective Instagram lead generation strategy

Instagram also lets companies access a large audience. There are one billion Instagram users which represents a strong potential market for your business. It is essential for a small business to have an Instagram page. Some of the effective Instagram lead generation strategies are:

  1. Post on your Instagram Page on a regular base.

  2. Add attractive and catchy bio.

  3. You can only add one link in your Instagram bio. So think wisely which link you want to add

  4. Run effective marketing campaigns to engage customers.

  5. Add powerful CTA in your Instagram Posts and stories.

3. Enhance email opt-in form

Most of the business use Email to generate leads. Your email opt-in form is where customers can subscribe to your updates with their email. Your opt-in form should be convincing to get customers towards it. Once a customer subscribes to your email, it means he/she is interested in your business and want to know more about your services.

4. Add Call to Action (CTA) buttons to your blogs

Blogs are also a great source of convincing customers towards a purchase decision. You can prepare product description blogs on your website. Blogs also help to generate readers interest in your products. This will also help you to improve SEO and help the customers to get relevant information they need about a product. Adding CTA button will redirect the customer to the company website.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the most popular and efficient tool for lead generation. As 7 billion hours of YouTube content is being watches each month. After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine and also it is the third most visited site on the Earth. It's 50% easier to manage your SEO ranking on YouTube as compared to Google. YouTube videos are also quite effective in engaging customer and generating leads. All the large organizations and businesses have their own YouTube channel for promotion, advertisement, and marketing of their product & services. you can add CTA buttons at the end of your video or add your website link in the description this will take potential customer towards your online website.

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