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Multi Platform Compatibility & Its Important

Multi-platform refers to the term cross-platform or the platform-independent websites. In earlier times, the only available platform to explore the internet is through desktop computer. But due to rapidly advancing technologies, the concept of operating a website on mobile phones or tablets is introduced. This takes the online advertising to a next level. Today the internet is accessed by many different devices so it’s important for businesses to make their websites compatible with other devices such as smart phones and tablets. When the mobile phones were first launched, most of the websites are not compatible with these new platforms. But now the digital developing of websites assures you that you can also use these websites on many other devices without converting the website data into a new format.

Market Share of Desktops, Smartphones, and Tablets

Today almost every person has a mobile phone. Due to its small size and flexibility, this pocket device becomes very common also in terms of internet use. While the tablet devices are less common as compared to mobiles. Mobile devices are slowly replacing the use of the desktop PC’s. According to stat counter, the worldwide market share of mobiles and desktops is competing while the use of tablets is below the average. People prefer mobile devices for internet searches instead of operating their desktop PC. This all because of the compatibility of websites with mobile devices and other platforms.

Multi Platform Compatibility Websites
Multi Platform Compatibility Websites

Mobile VS Desktop Searches

More than half of worldwide traffic is based on mobile searches. In 2018, 52.2% internet traffic is caused via mobile devices while 50.3% in 2017. This all because of the compatibility of web pages with mobiles is increasing. As people have quick and convenient access from mobile that is why they prefer mobile devices to use the internet. If your website is not compatible with other platforms than definitely, you are losing more than half of the traffic. According to Google, they had begun indexing the website on the basis of their compatibility on different platforms. As the mobile searches have different behavior, the search results on mobile are different from the desktop because all the websites are not mobile compatible. To maintain the same website ranking on mobiles and other platforms, make sure your website is compatible with other devices too. In this busy world, making your website ready for mobile use is necessary in order to stand with the other digital well-reputed websites.


The compatibility of websites on other platforms like mobile phone and tablets is essential for businesses. Earlier it seems problematic to find the websites same on a mobile device as they are on a desktop. Later the option of making a website compatible with other devices enables the customers and users to explore the same content about a website on many different platforms. This increased the reach to potential customers and proves beneficial for the businesses to market their product and services

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