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How Much An Online Website Costs? (2019)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

This is one of the most important questions that have been asked. Businesses are moving towards digital marketing and to have a business website is essential for digital marketing. There are over 1.8 billion online websites and the number is rapidly growing. The cost of a website depends on what features you want to have on your business website.

Website Type

All websites are not the same. There are different types of websites such as E-Commerce, Blog Website, Online Community, Photo Sharing Portfolio and much more. Mostly E-Commerce and blogs websites are widely used.

Domain & Hosting

Each Website requires a unique domain name and a web hosting provider. A domain is the address of your website which people use to access your services. There are several companies who provide hosting services and domains.

Website Design

Website designing and website development are complicated tasks. You can design your own website if you have sufficient computer knowledge. There are too many companies who provide webs development services or you can hire a freelancer to design your custom Website.


Websites require background software. It can be in HTML or PHP files. Also, there is some online software like WordPress, Wix etc. The price level is different based on what you opt for

Website Maintenance

Once you have your website, you need to continuously maintain your website. From 1.8 billion websites, only 200 million of those are active. Website maintenance is necessary to keep your site running. It includes removing bugs or errors and ensuring that your website pages are working properly.

Website development. Laptop and guide book to design & build websites

The cost of a website depends on what services you require. Once you know what you want, there is 3 main option to get a website.

1. Build your own Website

2. Hire a Freelancer

3. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

1. Build your own Website

You can easily develop your online website using online tools such as WordPress or It doesn’t require to have extensive programming knowledge for website building on these free platforms. Everything is available like free templates and designs. Using a YouTube tutorial, you can learn how to easily create your website yourself. You just have to pay for web hosting and domain name.

The domain and web hosting services will cost you around $40-$60 per year.

2. Hire a Freelancer

If you are too busy in your business activities and can’t find time to build a website yourself, then you can hire a Freelancer. There are multiple online platforms from where you can find a website developer such as Freelancer, Up Work, Fiverr etc. The cost of building a website is different based on the experience of the person you hired and their seniority level.

Hiring a Freelancer for a quality website will cost you around $1000-$3000.

3. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

If you want a Highly professional website with custom website design, web development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Then hiring a digital marketing agency is the perfect option for you. Digital agencies not only provide you with a stunning website but also provides maintenance and SEO services. These services are essential to building your brand awareness. Most digital agencies collaborate with their client to offer them exactly what they want.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for a Professional website will cost $10,000- $50,000.

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