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Digital Marketing Platforms

Social media marketing is now opted by almost every business organization to make its services visible around the globe. Although social media is an efficient tool for digital marketing the question is that which platform is best for marketing on social media? There are multiple social media platforms that can be used for generating brand awareness such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. You have to figure out which social media platform would be the best option for your digital advertising. An overview of popular social media platforms is provided below. This will help you decide which platform will be suitable for your business.


Over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the leading platforms that provide you with high user traffic on your Facebook marketing page. Facebook is widely used by people of all ages. so it is helpful for businesses that deal with any aspect of life. You can add images, videos, text on your Facebook page. You can also provide your website link to redirect customers to your google website. Facebook also has an ad posting feature that allows you to target your audience through ads. You may take further assistance from the Facebook advertising agency to assist you in managing your ad campaigns. Majority of small and large business organizations are using Facebook as their primary digital marketing tool.


Instagram is also an expanding market for business. The number of Instagram users are continuously increasing. As per 2018, there are more than 1 billion monthly active users and the majority of these users are adults. It is used for posting images and short videos which makes it ideal for those companies who have a physical product. You can build your brand image on using Instagram stories.


Twitter is mostly used for sharing valuable text information. It is quite useful for communicating and engaging customer. Twitter is the best platform for sharing short content. In the U.S, Twitter has more than 66 Million monthly active users. Companies used it to spread information like announcements, launching dates, stats, product descriptions etc. customer can contact the business easily with Twitter by tweeting the business name. using twitter hashtags, you can get your message delivered to the target audience in no time.


Pinterest is also a useful social media platform for companies that have visuals based products. It has comparatively less monthly active users as compared to Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can pin the images and graphics content about your business. Majority of Pinterest users are females which makes it best for those businesses have females as their target market. Mostly Pinterest is used for business categories like Photography, Restaurants, travel, fashion, cosmetics etc.

Social media platforms are widely used by marketers and customers. Majority of customer get their information about a brand form social media posts. Most businesses use more than one digital marketing platform for advertising and marketing. You have to figure out which platform will be best for you to approach your target market.

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