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Basic Social Media Strategy for Restaurants

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Social media is considered as a place where you can find customers for your business. People of all the ages and genders are on social media. It makes it easy for businesses to advertise their product and to access their potential customers. Restaurants are highly being advertised on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. Your business needs a well-designed social media strategy. For startups and new restaurants, they can follow the basic and essential elements of social media marketing to build brand awareness.

Mobile screen showing different social media platforms

Choosing the Right Platform

Before choosing the social media platform, you should determine your target audience or target market. Once have some clear target customers, you can select a social media platform. Mostly restaurant marketers use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for marketing. Facebook has a very large audience but the engagement rate of Instagram posts is high than that of Facebook. You can manage more than one social media platform for your restaurant. Using Social Media Hashtags on Facebook and Instagram, you can preciously deliver your message to your target audience.

Content Marketing

Your content is most import in social media marketing. Your content should be compelling enough to grab customer attention. Whatever you add on your social media page like your status, blogs, advertisements, posts are your content. Make sure to frequently post your content on social media to effectively engage your customers. Some of the highly effective content marketing tips are given below.

  1. Show the image of your restaurant food and cuisines to let customers know about your services.

  2. Post the interior and exterior views of your restaurant.

  3. Post Food blogs and share healthy eating tips on your page.

  4. Post video tours of your restaurant. Show your cooking process through your social media videos.

  5. Add restaurant menu in your Social Media pages.

  6. Add recipes of your special cuisines to develop customers interest.

  7. Organize Free Giveaways and contest to let users participate and win free bonuses.

  8. Offer Discount bonuses and coupon codes on your social media pages on a regular bases.

Increase Your Following

You can increase your following with your active social media presence. Frequently posting quality content will help you to capture more audience. Consistently delivering quality services will enable you to generate a positive reputation in the market. People would start to recommend your services and food due to your positive brand image and strong reputation.

Use Following Techniques to increase the number of your followers.

  1. Using hashtags in your posts, you can target new market segments.

  2. Approach Food bloggers to review your restaurant food and services.

  3. Respond to the followers' comments to actively participate in the conversation

  4. Respond to customers posts who tag your business.

  5. Reach out social media influencers to promote your restaurant.

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