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8 Useful Tips to Design Your Restaurant Website

Website design is the most important element to grab customer’s attention. Customers would close the website if it has an improper website design. Your digital website reflects your brand image and brand personality. Therefore, it needs to be well designed. A well-decorated website with impressive themes & Designs will enhance the user experience. After being impressed by your stunning website, users would most likely to visit your restaurant for dining or to have their delicious food. Following are the best ideas to design a professional and impressive website for restaurants.

Restaurant Interior showing dining tables, chairs and ambiance atmosphere

1. Write your Brand Story

Mostly business ignores the importance of brand history and story. Brand Story plays the main role in increasing your customer base. After knowing your brand story, customers feel more attached to the brand and wants to build a loyal and long lasting relationship with your brand. Add a unique and impressive brand story. Your services and restaurant themes should reflect your brand story.

2. Add Attractive Themes

Your online website should be properly designed with colorful and aesthetically pleasant website themes. It is great to match your website themes with the atmosphere of your restaurant. There are thousands of free website themes available over the internet but it's better to design a custom theme for your restaurant which reflects your brand image.

3. Food & Cuisines Images

It is essential for a restaurant website to have multiple images of foods and cuisines. Add your special foods items on the Home page of your online website. Make your food image impressive by using high-resolution cameras. Researchers have found that there is a significant increase in the desire for food just by viewing the food images.

4. Video Content

Majority of customer would prefer to watch videos instead of reading your blogs. Video content is more likely to engage customers. You can add recipes, cooking process, hotel virtual tours and client testimonials in your video content. Showcase the interior and dining environment of your hotel in videos to attract customers to your place.

5. Navigation Panel

Make your website convenient for users with a user-friendly interface. Add Navigation bar or Navigational panel to help users navigate your contact Information, Food Blogs, Menu, Deals, About Us etc.

6. Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and discounts are the best tools to engage customers. Give discount codes for the new customers so that they would at least try your food. Adding a discounted price to your special deals will bring more customers. Provide a discount for new subscribers to encourage customers to subscribe to your updates.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is intense competition in the restaurant industry. It is important to have your website visible in the top searches. Implement SEO practices to improve your website ranking. Use keywords to make it easy for customers to search your website. Use on Page and off page SEO techniques to increase the visibility of your digital website.

8. Mobile Compatible Website

The use of mobile devices for internet searches is continuously increasing. People prefer to use mobile as compared to Laptops or PCs. As smartphones are convenient to use. Make sure your website is compatible with Laptops, Tablets and mobiles as well.

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