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8 Essential Features for A Restaurant Website

Almost every business has a digital website and for restaurants, a website is a must. As there are so many restaurants and tough competition in the restaurant industry. Majority of people searches online to find a perfect place to eat. Your online website should represent the themes that should reflect the atmosphere of your restaurant. Following are top features that a restaurant website must have.

beautiful restaurant table with well decorated flowers and cutlery

1. Attractive Food Images

Restaurants are all about food. People look for places where they can find their favorite and delicious foods or cuisines. Add impressive and attractive images of foods on your website to let people know what type of foods you provide. Food images are also effective to stimulate appetite.

2. Menu

Your menu is the most important element to attract customer to your restaurants. Design a well decorative menu to add in your website. No just enlist the cuisines, add the pictures of cuisines in your menu. So that people would feel the taste in their taste buds. Add your menu in PDF format instead of uploading the pictures of the menu. PDF format will make it easy for the search engine to read the content.

3. Restaurant Interior

Add the images of your restaurant environment, interior and exterior. Showcase the beautiful ambiance, lighting and dining experience you provide in your restaurant. This will let customer expect what services they're going to have.

4. Support Online Orders

Majority of large restaurants offers an online ordering facility for customers and supports fast and quick delivery. Add online ordering features on your restaurant website. So that customer can enjoy the same taste in their home or office. Add reservation feature in your website. So that customers can fix their online reservation before visiting your restaurant.

5. Contact Info

It is essential for restaurant websites to share their contact information. Add your Restaurant address, Contact Number and Email Address. Your contact information will help customers to locate your restaurant or to provide feedback through your Email.

6. About Us

It is important to have a unique About Us section. In your about us section, you can add your brand story, how it originated, Team member and to describe your brand personality. This will help customers to establish a deep connection with your brand and they would feel more connected.

7. Food Blogs

Blogs are an important tool to increase your website visibility and to provide your customer with valuable information through your blog's content. You can post blogs on healthy food, Eating tips, Nutritional values of your cuisines, and health tips. By using relevant keywords in your food blogs, you can improve the SEO of your digital website.

8. Social Media Links

Social media platforms are quite useful to advertise and promote your products & Services. Add the links for your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. Customers can connect with your social media pages to remain in touch with your brand. You can engage potential customers by posting attractive and creative social media content on your pages.

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