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6 Steps Involved in making Real Estate video

Video content is considered a necessary and important element for a real estate website. Realtors use house tours videos for properties on sale. Smartphones and mobile cameras have made video making or video editing easier than earlier. A Real estate video should not have to look like an ordinary video. It should be well planned and beautifully prepared. A well designed real estate videos will develop the viewer interest and convince them to plan a purchase decision.

Real estate video making, planning, story telling

1. Planning

Planning is an essential part of a project. Before starting preparing your real estate video, you need to plan how should it goes. For planning your video content, you should consider your target audience and their demands. It is better to plan your script, content, video animations etc. Following are the few questions that you need to answer in the planning phase.

  1. Who is your target audience?

  2. What type of content you should focus?

  3. When & where to shoot the video?

  4. who will write the script of the video?

  5. How long your video should be?

2. Story Telling

To build the interest of your audience, you should add a story in your video. Usually, property buyers don't buy properties just because of low price or high quality. They want to have an emotional attachment with the property. Storytelling will build an emotional response in the audience and they develop a deep interest in buying your property. Therefore, it is recommended to build a compelling and powerful story and then sell that story.

3. Present Yourself

In a real estate marketing video, you should present yourself to add a personal experience. most of the customers presume videos without any person as spam. Your audience will develop a connection with your content. By personalizing your videos, your client will feel more connected and valued. People want to connect with the person behind the property in order to build their trust.

4. Use 360 videos

Using 360-degree videos will help you save time and customer can get a broad view of the properties. Most clients want to physically visit the property before making a purchase decision because the 2D video will not help them to gather valuable information. To solve this problem, you can use 360 views for your videos. This will help customers to explore each and every corner of the house digitally.

5. Concise your Message

Keep your message short and concise to maintain your audience interest and to prevent them from getting bored. Include all the necessary features and benefits related to a property. Majority of the customers lose their interest while watching a video and they leave a video before it ends. Grab your viewer attention with quality content.

6. Improve Video Quality

It is essential to use high-quality equipment such as high-resolution cameras while making real estate videos. Your video should be in HD quality with clear graphics. Also consider sound quality, lights and stability of the camera. To enhance the quality, you should drone cameras for aerial views and better photography.

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