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6 Effective Tips to utilize Facebook For Restaurant Marketing

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Facebook plays a significant role to attract more customers for businesses. Most of the restaurants use Facebook as their main digital marketing tool. Facebook makes it possible for restaurants to deliver their message to a large audience. Using Facebook to promote business is highly cost-effective and provides significant results. On Facebook, there is intense competition between restaurants. Therefore, it is essential for restaurant's marketers to effectively utilize Facebook in order to compete with local competitors. Following are some of the tips to effectively use Facebook to attract more customers.

Restaurant marketing Dining Table

1. Build Brand Awareness

Facebook Ads and posts are quite useful to build your brand awareness. You can convey your brand message in front of an extensively large audience. Your Facebook Ads should represent your brand personality and brand image. You can run your advertisement and marketing campaigns to attract more customers towards your Facebook page.

2. Post attractive Food Images

Restaurant Marketing is all about food. Post attractive and beautifully served dishes on your Facebook Page. Delicious food images play a significant role in stimulating hunger and appetite. Decorate your Facebook page with special food items of your restaurant. Also, add pictures of your menu on your Facebook page.

3. Approach Social Media Influencer

As social media influencer and video bloggers have massive followings. The followers of food bloggers take their recommendation as advice. Majority of restaurant collaborate with food bloggers and social media influencers to promote and market their business. You can easily find and approach local food bloggers in your area through Facebook. Invite local food bloggers to your restaurant and ask them to review your restaurant’s services.

4. Run Marketing Campaign

Facebook provides an opportunity for businesses to organize and manage digital marketing campaigns. You can invite customers to your marketing campaigns. Conducting Gaming contest will encourage customers to join your campaign and win prizes. You can also provide free Give away to your customers. These marketing campaigns are quite useful to attract potential customers and to raise brand awareness in the general public.

5. Target Potential Customers

Facebook helps you to deliver your message to your potential customers. Once you can reach your potential customers, you can track customers to know them better. Facebook helps restaurants to better analyze the needs and demands of their customers. Use Facebook hashtags in your ads to boost the post reach.

6. Track Performance

Facebook provides free analytics to measure the performance of your Facebook page and Facebook Ads. You can measure the reach and engagement rate of boosted posts. Facebook analytics helps you to analyze what type of content is most effective in generating leads and sales.


Facebook has made it easy for the business to advertise and market. The convenient marketing approach provided by Facebook has attracted businesses to join Facebook. More and more businesses are using Facebook, which increases the competition for online business. Therefore, it is essential to have a strong Facebook Marketing Strategy. Contact us to learn how to use Facebook for the benefit of your business. Our experts will provide guidance and help you to design your Facebook marketing strategy.

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