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6 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas to drive Diners in Your Restaurant

Digital marketing has transformed the way restaurants market their services. Earlier, the restaurants mainly focus on generating positive word of mouth about their brand. It was quite difficult to grab more customer and it takes a long time to develop a good reputation using word of mouth marketing. Now restaurants use digital marketing practices to drive customers. As digital marketing in cost-efficient and provides effective result in short time. Following are some essential tips to boost your sales by driving more customers with digital marketing.

Restaurant marketing  ideas to attract more customers

1. Social Media Contest

Conduct social media contest on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. People would love to participate in a contest to win free meals. Using social media contests, you can attract more customers to your restaurants. Organize weekly based contest. So that maximum number of customers can get the message and participate in the online contest.

2. User-Generated Content

In restaurant marketing, user-generated content is most common. People usually share their status on Facebook for the restaurants they visited. Encourage your customers to post their meals on social media to boost your sales. In this way, you can spread your brand awareness in the general public.

3. Use Social Media Hashtags

Use social media hashtags to target local audience. By using hashtags with cities names will help you to spread your content within your local area. Use popular and trending hashtags to convey to message to a large audience. Add your special dishes, your brand name and your restaurant place in your hashtags.

4. Website Design

Restaurants are all about beautifully served food. You can showcase your restaurant environment, dishes, dining services, and menu on your website. Add your special dishes on your Homepage. Provide discount coupons for meals. Decorate your website to make your user feel special and valued. Your website design should be compelling enough that users may start to feel appetite by visiting your online website. Your website should be compatible with smartphones. As most people used smartphones while searching for restaurants in their area.

5. Approach Food Bloggers

Food bloggers and social media influencers can help you promote your brand. Collaborate with food bloggers who have large followings, invite them to your restaurants and ask them to review your special dishes and restaurant services on their social media pages. Inviting food bloggers on the opening ceremony of your restaurant will help you to attract high customers easily.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website will help you to spread your brand message to large customers and to attract organic traffic to your online website. There are multiple SEO techniques that can be implied to boost traffic. Some Common SEO practices are listed Below.

  1. Encourage your customers to review your services on your website.

  2. Add food blogs with relevant keywords.

  3. Use backlinks to drive customers from social media platforms and other blogging websites.

  4. Start a YouTube channel to showcase your dishes and special meals.

  5. Use Image Alt text, meta descriptions, Meta Heading, Titles and SEO practices to improve your website ranking.

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