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6 Benefits of using Facebook as a Real estate digital marketing tool

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

There are more than 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook Users. Facebook is the most useful platform for marketing and promotional activities. AS it provides access to an extensively growing customers market. Almost every business in the world has a Facebook Page. Facebook is an effective tool to build brand awareness and brand reputation in the market. Majority of real estate marketers are using Facebook as their primary social media platform. Following are the top benefits that you will get by using Facebook as a digital marketing tool for Real estate business.

Facebook as a digital marketing g tool advertisement, promotion

1. Target Potential Customers

Facebook provides an opportunity to precisely target your potential customers. You can spread your brand message to a particular niche or target market. Divide your target market into different segments based on geographical location. Using social media hashtags will make your post visible to the target market segment. You can use Facebook groups to create communities based on your target market.

2. Run Marketing Campaigns

Facebook is the best tool to run your marketing campaigns. On Facebook, you can attract potential customers to join your community or campaigns. In your marketing campaigns, you can offer users to have free estimated for buying a home, offer valuable property buying tips, offer discount coupons. design your marketing campaigns with beautiful and aesthetically appealing ads to attract users and potential clients.

3. Run Ads

Your real estate ads will reach to a large audience when advertised on Facebook. Adding video content to your page to make it look attractive and beautiful. Make short ads to retain user interest. Design your ads by keeping in mind your target customers and their preferences. You can add your website link in ads to redirect potential customers. Add testimonials of your successful clients in your Facebook Ads.

4. Observe Competitors

Privacy has no place on Facebook. You can observe your competitor’s tactics, strategies, and content. This will help you to improve the quality of your content as compared to that of competitors. Competitors analysis will help you to figure out what type of content goes viral and have a high response. Having a depth insight into your competitors and your target market will help you to strategically plan your social media strategy.

5. Post Quality & Compelling Content

Facebook provides support to generate leads, posting convincing and compelling content will encourage the Facebook user to visit your website. Real estate is all about the graphics and ads. You can show stunning photos of beautiful homes, luxury apartments, children playing, happy families, attractive landscapes and much more. Sometimes clients made a purchase decision based on their emotional response. High quality and impressive content will grab the user attention and build their interest in buying a property.

6. Measure & Analyze Performance

Facebook provides multiple tools to analyze the performance of your Facebook page. You can analyze the views, no. of clicks, Impression rate, engagement rate of your Facebook posts. These analytics will help you to determine which content is most effective to grab customer attention.

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