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5 Highly Effective Tips to increase your Instagram following

Instagram provides a great opportunity for small and new businesses to build their brand awareness. The number of Instagram users is continuously increasing. Using Instagram small businesses can easily reach out to their target customers. Instagram is extensively used by business for sharing visuals of their products & services. The engagement rates from the Instagram posts are higher than that of Facebook. Increasing your following on Instagram is easier as compared to other social media platforms. Following are a few tips to successfully build a strong Instagram following.

Tips to Increase Instagram Following

1. Manage your posting time

The main goal of marketers is that their post should reach the maximum number of target audience. You should find the best suitable time for posting content. To do this you have to figure out when most of your audience is online. Also, you should try posting at different times and then measure the performance of your post. This will help you to determine the right time for posting content.

2. Frequently post Amazing Content

Powerful and amazing content will help you to capture more leads and sales. For small businesses, it is essential to consistently post attractive content on Instagram. Adding high graphical images and impressive description of your services will help you to build the interest of your potential customers. You should post 4-5 times a week in order to engage potential customers. Frequently adding Instagram stories will also help you to keep in touch with your followers.

3. Observe your Competitors

Competitors analysis is essential for the success of new businesses. By observing your competitors, you can determine their strategies and techniques. Observe what keywords they use, how frequently they post and what is their post engagement rate? This will help you to build your own strategies better than that of competitors. you can grab your competitor’s followers by providing better quality content to engage them effectively.

4. Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are important to boost the reach of Instagram posts. Hashtags will help you to target new customers. You should research your brand-related hashtags and then use them in your posts. Find out what keywords your target customer use while searching for services similar to your business. Using relevant hashtags will bring more traffic to your Instagram page.

5. Follow the trend

It is important to keep an eye on upcoming and current trends. You have to find your target customer’s interest. Follow your customers to deeply understand their preferences. This will help you to produce content as per the interest of your target audience. The more the potential customers are interested in your content, the more will be lead generation.


Instagram has a large potential for small and large businesses. These are just a few tips to increase your Instagram following. Companies are implementing multiple tactics to reach their target audience. Work out what specific techniques are best for your businesses. It is recommended to communicate with your customer in order to now their interest and demands. Properly managing your Instagram page will help you to achieve your sales goals.

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